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The history of the Eglinton Medical Practice can be traced back to the early nineteenth century. The Grocers Company of London (who owned the village) founded a dispensary in the 1820’s in the ground floor of the old courthouse, now the bank, and there has been a GP practice in Eglinton since then.

Patients still remember the last two dispensing doctors; Dr JS Baird of Eglinton House who practiced for 40 years from 1890-1930 and Dr AH Montgomery of Coolafinney House who practiced from 1930 until his retirement in 1970. Latterly Dr Montgomery practiced with Dr JR White who then took over the practice. Dr Rose Sharkey joined Dr White and when she retired in 1981, Dr Ray Hetherington joined him.

As the old surgery was attached to Dr Montgomery’s house, a new health centre was built in 1972 in part of the old wartime navy hospital. Due to the growth of the village and consequent increased workload, Dr Richard Manning joined the practice in 1987, and was joined by Dr Kennedy shortly after. When Dr White retired in 1990 he was succeeded by Dr David Patterson. Dr Amy Doherty and Dr Emma Casey replaced Dr Hetherington in April 2011.

Dr Manning and Dr Kennedy retired in 2018 after 31 years with the practice and we welcomed Dr Eoin Devlin to the village.

In 2020, we welcomed Dr Clare McKendry as GP partner to the practice.

We are a growing medical practice, now looking after almost 8000 patients!